Victor Kislyi CEO Wargaming

Having built many engines from the ground up, we were looking for a complete solution to develop our first MMO that will save us time and eliminate technical risks. ... BigWorld’s Technology Suite, along with their world-class support, is key in allowing us to develop our title quickly, without sacrificing the quality and features we expect of a best-of-class middleware solution.

Yoshitada Iwata Producer GungHo Online Ent.

The BigWorld Technology provides a robust, cost effective way for us to bring GameArts’ online visions to life. Both the technology and the support we receive from the BigWorld team are second to none, and I cannot recommend the BigWorld platform more highly to teams considering creating any kind of massively multiplayer online game.

Vladimir Nikolsky CEO Astrum Online Entertainment

Using BigWorld’s technology in game development opens new strategic horizons for Astrum Online in the development of the European online gaming market. Only the best quality and the most creative gaming projects can win against tough competition. We have both of these advantages and we are ready to start astonishing Europe and Russia this year already.

Zheng Wenjie CEO Zhejiang KaiXun

We have plans to develop a series of unique next generation games. After a one year investigation into possible middleware solutions, we decided that BigWorld’s engines are able to meet our technical needs and their outstanding customer service is a big help to our success.

Wladislav Nitzak Director Cybertime System

... Partnering with BigWorld is instrumental in helping us to achieve our technological and business goals in the best and most cost efficient manner.

Adam Powell CEO & Creative Director Meteor Games

BigWorld's technology provides us with an extremely powerful and highly flexible game engine, which can be tailored to the specific needs of our upcoming MMO, ... More importantly, BigWorld's game engine allows us to focus on game design, gameplay innovation and overall creativity rather than core technology development, thus ensuring our new MMO delivers an experience unlike any other.

Freda Jiang President Globex

BigWorld provides a complete technology solution for internet games and dramatically reduces the risks of developing online games. After careful evaluation, we finally decided to use the BigWorld engine to develop new games. I hope BigWorld can integrate the world-leading technology into our projects, and that we can profit from using BigWorld technology.

Judith Hoffman Studio Manager Sierra Online

BigWorld’s powerful online middleware Technology Suite will provide the flexibility to develop an upcoming online game that will take the gameplay experience to the next-level of functionality and sophistication.

Clive Hibberd President Kwari

After evaluating a wide range of middleware offerings, the BigWorld solution stood out as second to none. We are looking forward to delivering to audiences a brand new online experience which could not have been done without BigWorld’s solution.

Nathon Gunn CEO Bitcasters

Not only has the BigWorld solution exceeded our expectations, but the continued support and training the BigWorld team have provided us with has allowed us to get further ahead in a much shorter time than would otherwise have been possible.

Paul Chiang President IGS

Using BigWorld’s engine, your R and D team can focus on the core goal of creating and developing great games, without worrying about the limits of an engine and complicated server technology. This makes your games more playable and products more competitive in the market.

Jon Jordan Develop Magazine

The current industry leader, BigWorld was also one of the first commercially available middleware MMOG engines.

Ken Xu Producer, R & D T2CN Information Technology (BeiJing)

The BigWorld engine quickly presents industry cutting-edge technology through a thoughtful design that reflects a profound understanding of the requirements of online game developers. BigWorld Technology is not only suitable for industrial-strength production, it is also easy for startups to use.

John Romero Slipgate Ironworks/Gazillion Ent.

The BigWorld solution enables a streamlined production period which brings our game to market sooner, we are extremely pleased with the technology offering and support BigWorld is providing on this MMO.

Jason Robar Studio Manager Secret Lair Studios

BigWorld allows us to start working on our game right away and know that the technology is solid and will be extended in the ways that we want to innovate. I originally evaluated and was very impressed by the BigWorld Technology Suite while working with the US Government on selecting training and simulation technologies. I knew then that I wanted to exploit this technology in the game environment as well.

Robert Spencer COO Interzone Entertainment

BigWorld is clearly leading the field, with a proven technology and tools solution that allows us to hit the ground running. With the BigWorld Technology already in place, we are free to concentrate on what we do best, develop compelling worlds with innovative and exciting gameplay.

Toby Gladwell Lead Engineer Secret Lair Studios

BigWorld represents a top of the line solution for your MMP needs. The toolset covers every aspect of MMP creation and provides an easy and intuitive development path.

Peter Freese Lead Engineer Secret Lair Studios

BigWorld is the only available turnkey solution for MMO development. Its complete suite of tools and technology has allowed us to hit the ground running on day 1 of our project.

Rick Lambright Lead Engineer Secret Lair Studios

BigWorld has been quite clearly architected from the start for rapid development of world-class massively-multiplayer persistent worlds with extraordinary performance and scalability.

Jiang Zhuqiang GM Pegasus Network Technology

We have spent six months carefully evaluating the available engines for next-gen developers, and finally we decided to use the most professional MMOG solution in the world. That is the “BigWorld Technology Suite” which is the most complete engine for MMOG development. Through using BigWorld’s solution, we can largely save time and cost which can now be used in other areas of our development. At the same time, BigWorld provides us with substantial support and training, which will also ensure the success of our project

Joe Ybarra VP of Product Development CME

We evaluated many client server solutions to aid us in creating a truly breakthrough next-generation MMO but by far the best overall solution for us is BigWorld's powerful client/server engine and streamlined production toolset. We are excited to be teaming up with them on the Stargate Worlds MMORPG.

Greg Tito Next Generation Magazine

DnL would not be possible without the server innovations available from Australian firms, BigWorld and its parent MicroForte. Acquiring the BigWorld license allowed DnL to have a seamless world with no load times.

Michael Tong Chief Operations Officer Net Ease

We have found BigWorld Technology to be extremely flexible and robust. Our artists and world builders have found BigWorld's content creation tools intuitive and very powerful ...and the technical support is excellent.

Ravi Mehta Program Manager Microsoft

Having worked in the online entertainment segment of the interactive entertainment industry, I have a broad perspective on the various technologies and middleware solutions that have been offered over the past five years. The Bigworld™ Technology is simply the most advanced and comprehensive solution that has ever been offered for massively multiplayer game development. It features an end-to-end package of client, server, and tools technology that cannot be matched by any competitor.