Server Tools

Fast, easy-to-use tools for managing the development and live support of MMOGs are provided, along with open access to all databases and an easy to use instrumentation system that allows access to all system data

Server Management & Monitoring Tools

A variety of tools are provided to assist in managing the BigWorld Server. These have been provided in the Web Console, which improves and unifies functionality to simplify server administration for remote users and nonprogrammers (e.g., artists, designers etc) that may need to run and administer servers during development. Recognizing that developers like to use command line tools, we have also provided command line access to system control utilities.

Cluster Control

Allowing a user to start, stop and restart the game server, the ClusterControl also gives users the ability to browse active machines and users on a local network.

Detailed real-time server instrumentation keeps you in control

Log Viewer

While allowing users to view, filter and search message logs, the Log Viewer allows large amounts of live data to be quickly analyzed and is an essential tool enabling client-side game developers to easily debug their server side game scripts.

Details from each server process can be analyzed using the Server Profiler

Stat Grapher

The Stat Grapher provides an overview of system performance. Information such as CPU load, memory used, bandwidth in/out and error indicators (such as dropped packets) can be monitored in real time. A comprehensive logging and replay ability is provided, as is provision for hundreds of different system performance indicators, so you can watch live and historic metrics important to your game.

Server controller provides fine-grained manipulation of the cluster

Space Viewer

With the Space Viewer game developers can display dynamic graphical representation of the clients and other entities handled by a cell (cells manage dynamic entities). Displays show users at a glance what is going on inside a particular cell.