BigWorld Technology is a solution designed specifically for the fast and efficient creation of MMOs. The overall engine consists of an integrated suite of high performance server applications, tools, advanced 3D client and APIs. We give you the power to focus tightly on your core business of game production, rather than risking your project on uncertain, expensive and time-consuming research & speculative software development.

BigWorld Server.

The revolutionary BigWorld Server infrastructure uses a dynamic real-time load-balancing system to remove arbitrary zone limitations of conventional MMOG server technology. Our highly available server software dynamically assigns servers to world areas by constantly monitoring load and adjusting coverage to balance resource allocation across the entire server cluster.


Logical spaces are divided geometrically into cells for the purpose of load balancing.

  • Large worlds

    Game worlds can be single, persistent, contiguous worlds in which millions of players can interact with each other and travel wherever they want and whenever they want. The need for borders or similar artificial limitations is removed using BigWorld Server. The flexible BigWorld Server architecture natively supports sharding or zoning of worlds providing ultimate flexibility for design decisions. Private spaces can be dynamically created for multiple instances of interference-free adventures. The optimised codebase and highly efficient algorithms allow high player densities and low bandwidth usage.

  • Fault tolerance management

    BigWorld Server incorporates multiple fault-tolerance systems to minimise the potential impact of hardware failure and downstream disruption of gameplay. The dynamic server reassignment system ensures high server availability and helps in lowering server hardware and hosting costs. Individual server components are dynamically reassigned according to need, in a transparent manner undetected by players. If an individual server goes offline, the load is automatically and seamlessly rebalanced across the entire system in order to ensure smooth ongoing operation. BigWorld Server allows large concentrations of players by dynamically focusing server resources on high traffic areas.

  • Real-time load balancing

    A secondary high-level load balancing system allows multiple worlds, even multiple games to share a single server cluster. For example, in a cluster running two worlds, if one world is overloaded and the other underloaded, the software will dynamically move servers from one world to the other, balancing the load and ensuring the most efficient configuration is used at all times. BigWorld Server also intuitively removes servers from both worlds if they are both underloaded.

  • Effective bandwidth management

    Bandwidth usage is kept under very tight control by the server, and the operator can vary transmission rates per player for effective management of bandwidth costs. Level of Detail (LOD) and data prioritisation is applied to all object property changes and events to make sure that only the most important data is sent to the client. The BigWorld Server LOD and data prioritisation strategies have been crafted from years of game development experience, resulting in a solution that works effectively to minimise bandwidth requirements in real-world games.

  • Custom worlds

    The developer can customise all aspects of a world by adding new tools and low-level behaviours without modifying the server code. Game objects are written in Python or C#, to maximise programmer productivity. Scripts can utilise C++ when required for optimisation of regularly used functions. It’s also possible to customise and extend the server itself, for example, plugging in a new physics engine.  BigWorld Server also allows cross-platform functionality allowing PC and next-gen console users to interact within the same world space.

Server Tools.

Fast, easy-to-use tools for managing the development and live support of MMOGs are provided, along with open access to all databases and an easy to use instrumentation system that allows access to all system data.

  • Server management & monitoring tools

    A variety of tools are provided to assist in managing BigWorld Server. These tools can be accessed through a web-based console application or via the command line, which improves and unifies functionality to simplify server administration for remote users and non-programmers (e.g., artists, designers etc) that may need to run and administer servers during development. Recognising that developers like to use command line tools, we have also provided command line access to system control utilities.

  • Cluster control

    Allowing a user to start, stop and restart the game server, the ClusterControl also gives users the ability to browse active machines and users on a local network.




  • Log viewer

    While allowing users to view, filter and search message logs, the Log Viewer allows large amounts of live data to be quickly analysed and is an essential tool enabling client-side game developers to easily debug their server-side game scripts.


    Details from each server process can be analysed using the Server Profiler



  • Stat Grapher

    The Stat Grapher provides an overview of system performance. Information such as CPU load, memory used, bandwidth in/out and error indicators (such as dropped packets) can be monitored in real time. A comprehensive logging and replay ability is provided, as is provision for hundreds of different system performance indicators, so you can watch live and historic metrics important to your game.


    Server controller provides fine-grained manipulation of the cluster



  • Space viewer

    With the Space Viewer, game developers can display dynamic graphical representation of the clients and other entities handled by a cell (cells manage dynamic entities). Displays show users at a glance what is going on inside a particular cell.

BigWorld Client.

The BigWorld Client engine includes a high performance 3D game engine that provides players with an immersive interface to a BigWorld online world.

The BigWorld Client engine includes a high performance 3D game engine that provides players with an immersive interface to a BigWorld online world. It has been specially developed to meet the needs of next generation MMOG developers and incorporates cutting-edge graphics capabilities of modern hardware. The BigWorld Client is highly customisable. Designed with an easily extensible modular architecture, it facilitates the integration of externally developed libraries such as physics engines and AI. Adherence to industry standard languages such as Python and XML makes engine code more accessible and simplifies tool modification and custom tool creation...